60's Soul Music - Northern Soul Anthems - Mod Floorshakers

Music from the heart - not the chart !

Music from the heart - not the chart !

Below is the list of tunes that we are able to perform live in our shows.
Links are given to the original of each song so you can taken a listen.
We aim to try and recreate live on stage the fun and great atmosphere
that surrounded these dance floor favourites and hopefully you will then
want to put on your dancing shoes and come to see us perform them live.

Music from the heart - not the chart !

A little Bit Hurt - Listen on YouTube
Nottingham drummer Julian Covey sings to the irresistible driving brass and organ which still sounds as good today as it did in 1969.

Baby I Need Your Lovin - Listen on YouTube
"Some say its a sign of weakness for a man to cry" but that's OK because Levi Stubbs of The 4 Tops has that effect.

Barefootin - Listen on YouTube
"Everybody get on your feet - you make me nervous when you're in your seat" ! Cant be any simpler than that for Robert Parker's Mod anthem.

Green Door - Listen on YouTube
Such a fun version of a classic tune featuring Mick Weavers nifty organ work taken from Wynder K Frog's album Out Of The Frying Pan  - you sing the verses please.

Gypsy Woman - Listen on YouTube
Impressions from 61 sees Curtis Mayfield at his emotional best - "hate to see the lady go-knowing she'll never know-that I love her".

Harry Hippie - Listen on YouTube
Very odd light hearted song written by Jim Ford based on Bobby Wommack's carefree brother, but then he got killed by his girlfriend and the tribute by Bobby really tugs at the heart strings.

I Aint Goin Nowhere - Listen on YouTube
Speeded up Motown track that seems to make no sense at all except for the fact that it sounds amazing as Junior Walker makes the tenor sax talk as only he can.

I Got A Feelin - Listen on YouTube
Got me rockin and a reelin. Even the excellent 4 Tops version can't compete with Barbara Randolf's shuffling dance floor monster.

I Got What It Takes - Listen on YouTube
Old Willie Dixon blues song given a fun treatment by Brookes & Jerry with a sensational groove that still sounds so fresh.

I'm Comin Home - Listen on YouTube
"Expect me any day now real soon" as Northern Soul meets Vegas swing with Mel Torme's hypnotic classic.

It Should Have Been Me - Listen on YouTube
Boy she's angry that Yvonne Fair - somebody call the po lice that woman down there is a doggone thief.

It'll Never Be Over For Me - Listen on You Tube
Timi Yuro delivers a wonderful mid tempo version of Thee Midnighters original ballad - the title says it all.

Lets Go Baby - Listen on YouTube
Robert Parker's mod favourite takes us right to the action.

Long After Tonight Is All Over - Listen on YouTube
Another of Wigan's 3 after 8 as Jimmy Radcliffe delivers the genius of Hal David and Burt Bacharak with their beautiful words and wonderful orchestration.

Love Makes A Woman - Listen on YouTube
Bang in the groove with Barbara Acklin with sensation rhythm and feel.

My Man Is A Sweet Man - Listen on YouTube
Supreme dance floor favourite for Millie Jackson that stands the test of time.

One Minute Every Hour - Listen on YouTube
Best of Britain as John Miles hits the high notes to the thumping beat and driving brass

Ska Medley
Roland Alphonso - Phoenix City
 - Listen on YouTube
Mid 60's Jamaica as we dance the ska with one of their finest sax players.
Skatalites - Guns Of Navarone - Listen on YouTube
Probably the best known song performed by the Skatalites, released in the U.K in 1967, however first recorded some years earlier in a Kingston studio.
The Mohawks - Sounds Of The Witchdoctor - Listen on YouTube
What a fantstic tune that you just cannot help but move too !

Sweet Soul - Listen on YouTube also listen to PaPaDo's version featuring Steve Beighton's golden horn
Virtuoso performance by Junior Walker as the king of the golden horn hits the harmonics in fine style.

She's Lookin Good - Listen on YouTube
Couldn't agree more as Rodger Collins delivers his self penned club classic which was later a US hit for Wilson Pickett.

That Driving Beat - Listen on YouTube
Unstoppable driving power of Willie Mitchell = "cause when you hear that driving beat you know you gotta go".

The Champion - Listen on YouTube
More great stomping music from Willie Mitchell featuring brass and guitar interplay that's sure to get the dance floor bouncing.

The Snake - Listen on YouTube
"You knew darn well I was a snake before you took me in" . Surely one of the cleverest pop songs ever written as Al Wilson tells the story.

The Walk - Listen on YouTube
Originally done by Jimmy McCrackin and covered  later by Lue Cazz with an astounding sax talk back

The Way You Do The Things You Do - Listen on YouTube
"As pretty as you are - you you could have been a flower" says David Ruffin as The Temptations prove just exactly why they were the coolest !

Tune Up - Listen on YouTibe also listen to PaPaDo's version featuring Steve Beighton on tenor sax
Junior Walkers instrumental classic typifies Philadelphia radio of old at its very best.

Wade In The Water - Listen on YouTube
Ramsey Lewis Trio give us a little jazz with great feel and clever instrumental interplay between the piano and the brass section

When Your Young And In Love - Listen on YouTube
"There's magic everywhere" what's not to like about this wonderful Marvellettes classic.

Where Ever I Lay My Hat - Listen on YouTube
"By the look in your eye I can tell your gonna cry is it over me ?"  - of course it is Marvin - taken from his Stubborn Kinda Fella album.

Closing Medley
 - Listen on YouTube

Earl Van Dyke & The Motown Brass deliver one of biggest stomping instrumentals featured at The Twisted Wheel and Blue Orchid All-nighters in 1970
Stop Her On Sight - Listen on YouTube
"From Maine to Mexico" as Edwin Starr preaches - "I guarantee you it will drive you wild". Timeless classic dance floor filler
Tainted Love - listen on YouTube
Gloria Jones stomping anthem that's always a favourite and don't forget the double clap !
Out On The Floor - Listen on YouTube
Title says it all as Dobie Gray's national anthem of Northern Soul and possibly the biggest dance record of 1970 still has the crowd beggin for more
Time Will Pass You By - Listen on YouTube
Very occasionally there is a record that drives a stake straight through your heart with pure genius and Tobi Legend has it all. Wise words indeed !

Music from the heart - not the chart !

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60's Soul Music - Northern Soul Anthems - Mod Floorshakers

60's Soul Music - Northern Soul Anthems - Mod Floorshakers
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